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We are so happy and grateful that you have decided to read The Science of Getting Rich GOD's Way ebook and/or listen to the audio book!

As you now know, the information in the book is amazing!

Would you do us a huge favor if we ask for your help? There is an awesome reward awaiting you if you do!

The favor we are asking of you is to share the ebook and audio book with 10 of your friends...and they get to have both for FREE. That's it! That's the favor. Pretty simple, right?! We are not asking for arms, legs, money, or firstborn children.

We have set a goal to give the ebook and audio book away for FREE, to one million people. The only challenge with that goal is that The Science of Getting Rich GOD's Way facilitators, and myself, do not personally know a million people. But guess what? Over time with the help of readers like yourself, we can make this goal a reality!

We actually have an awesome reward for everybody that helps us share the book with 10 of their friends. You will get our Science of Getting Rich GOD's Way Seminar for FREE! That means you will get a $500 reward for giving the book to just 10 of your friends.

Our goal is to help people co-create with God, a life of true joy and abundance. That is the reason the book was written and that is the reason we have also created The Science of Getting Rich GOD's Way Seminar. Everything has been done with the single purpose of helping you become a master of the Laws and Principles taught in the book. By doing this for you we know that our lives are being blessed, and by helping us share the book with others we know that your life will be blessed too.

If you are willing to help us, and you would also like the $500 reward we are offering to you for that help, we ask you to sign up by filling out the form to the left.

Once you have done so we will contact you by email and tell you how to get credit for the 10 people you are going to give the book to. Remeber, they will all get both the ebook and audio book for FREE! Honestly, you are giving them an amazing gift and your are getting another awesome gift in return for your efforts. What could be better than that?!

We thank you in advance for your help!

Sincerely, Kevin Sparks - Author of The Science of Getting Rich GOD's Way

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